Blood drive hosted on Monday


Brooklynn White, Reporter

Maize High hosted the annual blood drive this year, taking samples Monday, Mar. 22. The American Red Cross cancelled the event for Friday, Mar. 26 due to a lack of staffing. The American Red Cross has collected more than 1,336 pints of blood over 26 years to help save thousands of lives. 

Because of COVID-19, guidelines were put in place to help protect donors and nurses alike. Only one person was allowed to check in every 15 minutes instead of multiple people at a time. 50 people have signed up to donate blood. 

According to Giving Blood, one pint of blood can save up to three lives. Donating blood is important to junior Dylan Christopher.

“My sister has needed blood in the past,” Christopher said. “I just decided that I would donate for people that need it like her.”

Anyone 16 and up can donate, with 16 year olds requiring parental permission. It’s recommended that donors drink plenty of water and eat iron-rich foods prior to donating.