English teacher opens her first yoga studio


Madi Hay and Laney Turner

English teacher Lindsay Slater has been teaching yoga for almost five years and is currently opening up her first yoga studio, Revival, with her business partner Jeana. The opening date will be in March of 2021 for their full schedule and services.

Slater got the inspiration to open her own studio from her mother, who passed away six years ago. She said she wants this studio to embody the adventurous, vibrant, and unconditionally loving person that her mom was, as well as doing something she loves. 

“My continuation of her legacy is sharing these tools with others so that they can then share it with others around them and it creates this ripple effect,” Slater said. 

She wants to spread the knowledge of how to cope with pain or stress and the act of healing. 

“This studio is of course guided by my knowledge and experience with this practice, but we are each capable of bringing ourselves into a place of love, healing, support, and joy,” she said. “But we don’t often know how to find it when we are in a place of pain or stress.” 

When she is not teaching at Maize, she teaches a total of 15 yoga classes a week.  

“More than anything, I enjoy being a teacher in any capacity,” she said. “I love sharing what I have learned with others and watching them discover something that improves their life.”

Among many other things, the pandemic has impacted their studio. Limitations apply including classes, capacity, and following all CDC guidelines. 

“The response so far has been incredible and our classes are selling out since we have to limit seats for social distancing,” she said.

 The purpose of this studio is to benefit all. It is important to the business owners that can provide an all-inclusive safe environment.

“Even people who are completely new to meditation are welcome in all classes as well as anyone with a lot of experience,” Slater said. 

Currently her weekly meditations are being held at The Orpheum located in downtown Wichita in a coworking space called The Hive. The permanent location is still undecided but will be released towards the end of the year.

To schedule a class you can visit http://www.revivalmeditationstudio.com/ or go to the Instagram or Facebook Page @revivalmeditation.