Feature: Maize junior opens Instagram business

Isabelle Blasdel, Reporter

Junior Madison Bowen started a business over Instagram in August to help with the environment. Since then, her business has grown into a successful shop with almost 2,300 followers on her Instagram page, @madthriftfindz.

 Bowen said her biggest motivation to start the business was the textile waste created by the fashion industry.

“The fashion industry has created so much textile waste,” Bowen said. “Which has led to many different environmental crises.”

Bowen’s business is an advocate for more environmentally friendly shopping options and she hopes more people will realize the impact shopping has on the environment.

“I want people to understand that I do this because of the environmental effects the fashion industry has created,” Bowen said.

Bowen, while running the business, has also had great learning experiences along with it and she hopes other teenagers will learn from it as well.

“I think more teenagers should start their own business because it is a great way to build communication skills and an overall great learning experience,” Bowen said.

Along with running a business, Bowen also has a part-time job which has been difficult to manage along with school and the business.

“I’m still learning,” Bowen said. “So choosing to focus on this business and school is what I felt would work best for me.”

Bowen says the best advice to hopeful business owners is to give it time and be patient.

“Take your time,” Bowen said. “Treat others the way you want to be treated, and be able to adapt to your audience’s needs and wants.” 

Over the course of her business there have been ups and downs, which have allowed her to learn more about the business industry.

“Not everyone is going to like what you’re selling,” Bowen said. “And I’ve learned to communicate with others better.”