Boys soccer update


Meredith Frahm

Senior Max Shae runs past his opponent in the first half of the game. Maize defeated Campus 3-1 in this game.

Brooklyn Blasdel, Editor

The boys soccer team has started out strong this season, currently sitting with a 11-1-2 record. 

The Eagles have been working hard this year to be better than years past, and senior Max Shae has noticed the improvement.

¨I feel the team has progressed amazingly since even last year, we are having our best season since I’ve been in high school,¨ he said. ¨And the addition of Mikey Velasquez has helped make our team a lot stronger, as well as many many great individual performances from everyone throughout the season.¨

While the team has had a great season so far, senior Rory Morales still sees areas where the team can take their game to the next level.

¨As a team, we need to work on being positive to each other, regardless of a win or a loss,¨ Morales said. ¨We are a band of brother that need to stick together.¨

Morales said his mindset is very important to his game, and being focused and positive will help his team win more games.

¨My mindset has always been to cash in and cash out,¨ he said. ¨What that means, is to go into the game knowing what you must do, and performing to the highest standard you can tolerate until the game is complete. My mindset has not changed, and if anything, I have made my own standards higher since this year will be my last.¨

Because this is Shae´s senior season, his mindset has also changed slightly this year.

¨It being my senior season has impacted me in terms of my drive and motivation to win games and get results even when things get rough,¨ he said.

The soccer team will take on Hutchinson next Tuesday at home.