Senior Kyle Haas will wrestle in national competition tomorrow


Kyle Haas finished in second place at the state wrestling tournament last year. The tournament took place at Hartman Arena.

Brooklyn Blasdel, Editor

Senior Kyle Haas will be competing tomorrow in a national wrestling competition put on by FloWrestling.

FloWrestling is a national organization that hosts different tournaments every year. One of their most popular is the “Who’s #1” tournament. This event calls on the best high school wrestlers from across the country to come and compete against each other for the title of the No. 1 high school wrestler in their class. 

¨I’m going into my match pretty confident,¨ Haas said. ¨I’ve been putting in the time and effort needed for a match like this, and I know I will be able to go six minutes start to finish at my very best wrestling¨

Wrestling coach and PE teacher Mike Schauer has been coaching Haas for 3 years now, and is excited to see him wrestle.

¨Kyle is fun to watch,¨ Schauer said. ¨He really is one of the best wrestlers in the country. He’s been wrestling at this level for a while now so this isn’t something new to him.¨

Due to this big match, Haas has been getting in more workout sessions and focusing on his health to help him be at his best.

¨I’ve just been trying to go with the best guys around,¨ he said. ¨Making trips to Oklahoma every other weekend to wrestle some of the best kids in the country.¨

Haas has also had to find extra time during the week to get in his workouts.

¨A lot of times,” Haas said, “I will wake up before school and go on a couple mile run just to get that extra cardio in.”

After coming off of his junior season, Haas found extra goals for this year, and this match will be a good insight into seeing how those goals will be reached.

¨I think that last year’s wrestling season was a big eye opener,¨ he said. ¨And something to build off of. Fell short of a goal but it just gave me more motivation to be better, and learn from mistakes made.¨

Schauer is also looking forward to seeing how their team will look next season.

¨We will have another great wrestling team this year with a lot of returning starters and state placers,¨ he said. ¨There are also some really good freshmen coming in. It’s going to be exciting.¨

On such a big stage, it would be understandable for any athlete to be nervous, but Haas is no stranger to high level competition.

¨I’m not necessarily nervous,¨ he said. ¨But I am excited. I know what I have to do during this match, and know what I’ve worked for. All that needs to be done now is go out, have some fun, and hopefully come out with a victory.¨


If you want to watch Haas wrestle, you can tune into FloWrestling tomorrow if you have an account.