Shrouded in uncertainty

Having a “happy birthday” proves difficult in a time of crisis.

Having a

Having a “happy birthday” proves difficult in a time of crisis.

Madi Hay, Reporter

This all just feels so unreal. I am trapped inside of my house for the next two weeks, or more depending on the circumstances. The Coronavirus has really taken over my life as well as many others. My birthday was two days ago, March 16, which is right in the middle of this crazy and uncertain time. I had many plans, none of which were able to happen.

My whole life, my birthday was always a day where I could go shopping, go to dinner and hang out with the people I love the most. This year it was much different. While yes, I still got to be with the people I love, it really didn’t feel like my birthday. Instead of having a party and going to my favorite restaurant, I watched the news, wondering what the media was going to tell me next. 

The thought of not knowing what is to come next is one of the scariest things I am facing right now. I want to know how I will finish my sophomore year online. I want to know when the next time I will get to see my friends and the rest of my family is going to be. Until I do know, I am going to try and stay as positive as I can, considering there are people in this world who are going through tougher times than I can even imagine. 

My heart goes out to all the people that have been infected with this virus. I know that what they are going through is much worse than what I am. I know that sometime soon this will all pass and everything will be back to normal. So please everyone, take 20 seconds to wash your hands. Be around the people you love the most and trust that everything will be OK.