Christmas already?

Claire Morgan, Reporter

Lily Robison
Christmas is 22 days away. Students have mixed feelings about celebrating early.

Christmas is weeks away and some Maize students are already in the Christmas spirit, while others would rather wait until later this month.

“Going straight to Christmas would be my preferred,” freshman Preston Gietzen said. 

“My family was never really into Thanksgiving,” Giestzen said. “So I saw it more as a time out of school rather than a holiday.”

Gietzen doesn’t really see Thanksgiving as much of a holiday which is why he enjoys being in the early Christmas spirit.

Sophomore Dylan Christopher has a different perspective over people rushing into Christmas. 

“I’m more in the middle because I like setting up early for Christmas and getting into the Christmas spirit early,” Christopher said. “But if you get in it way too early then it’s just not fun. I feel like you can’t just rush into it too quickly. It’s life you don’t have the full effect of Christmas and having fun.”

Christopher is in the middle because he doesn’t want the fun of Christmas spoil before Christmas Eve arrives. 

Some students don’t like to start Christmas early.

“I don’t like it,” junior Halee Metts said. “I think Thanksgiving is a holiday everyone should celebrate. You should be thankful for things and not go straight to Christmas.”

Metts said we need to learn how to be thankful before we go into the next month when you get gifts.

“I can see why people would want to rush to Christmas but I’m still against it,” Metts said.  

Most students are still very excited about Christmas coming up.

“It’s a good holiday,” Christopher said. “Everybody likes getting presents and giving presents, being around friends and family so the earlier that they can get into that, the better.”