Giving thanks

Students share their plans for Thanksgiving break.


Students spend Thanksgiving break enjoying time with their families.

Paige Youngdahl , Reporter

For most people, Thanksgiving is a time for spending time with family, being thankful for what you have and eating as much food as you can.

“My plan for Thanksgiving is to have my whole extended family from both sides over to eat supper on thanksgiving day,” sophomore Abbie Shurts said. “They all bring a side dish like salad or dessert and then we usually do a turkey, mashed potatoes and ham together.”

Junior Aden Sheldon said he uses the break as more of a time to relax and enjoy the time off. 

“I’m probably going to stay home and eat some turkey,” he said.

Senior Jordan Cannon said one of the best parts of the holiday is getting to watch sports with his family.

“I usually just eat food with my family and watch football,” he said.

Sophomore Justice Mannie said she doesn’t most look forward to the food during the break, but rather the shopping after Thanksgiving.

“[I’m] going to go shopping on Black Friday,” Mannie said. “I’ll probably hang out with family, eat and play games.”

Shurts said she always loves the opportunity to take a break each year to eat good food and spend time with family.

“I love the deserts but spending time with my family every year is the best,” she said.