Staff uses Tik Tok to get student responses


Maize high principal participates in making a Tik Tok to engage with students.

MJ McCollum, Reporter

The book assignments tabbing page after page, endless amounts of homework, many restless nights studying, and tears through it all. The Eagle faculty is here for students through thick and thin.

Principal Chris Botts said he wanted to see which staff members students felt they could go to to get them through the rough days. In addition to this regular analysis, Botts wanted to switch things up a bit and make a Tik Tok.

“We knew we wanted to give a survey to the students,” Botts said. “In doing so, we wanted to make sure that they saw a message then wanted to participate.”

As of Nov. 13, Botts had 817 responses about how many faculty members students could go to. Maize consists roughly of 1200 students. 

“[We’re] trying to engage students,” Botts said. “Make them want to look at the survey and at least take it.” 

Before allowing the students to take the survey, teachers showed them the Tik-Tok as a precursor.

“I think any type of introduction that you can do with giving it a purpose, a reason and explanation I think is going to help,“ math teacher Jenny Meirowsky said.

During the survey the students are requested to list which staff they feel they can go to with pictures of each member and how many they have a bond with. 

“We’re looking for students who don’t feel connected,” Botts said. “We want to find ways to get them engaged to find people, or reach out to them.”

Botts asked senior Preven Christon to help with the production of the Tik Tok and assist in engaging students.

“It’s pretty well known he’s the Tik Tok guy,” Botts said. “I appreciate the students who’ve done it, and so far I’ve heard the teachers have helped, and I certainly appreciate everyone’s help to make it fun.”