First Maize military day

Dylan Wittorff, Reporter

Maize held its first military day Tuesday, Oct. 8 to promote the different branches of the armed services.

There were tables set up for Army, National Guard, Navy, Airforce and Marines with recruiters ready to answer any questions students might have. 

“[Military days] are very important,” Andrew Quillen said. “Because most of the time we don’t get very much exposure with any of the classes because they are all in school.”

Students were offered pamphlets and booklets to take home and show their parents. Students were also offered merchandise such as lanyards, pins, stickers and other apparel.  

“I think it’s an excellent opportunity,” Thomas Dayley said. “For people who are unsure of their future to investigate service within the armed forces”

Beyond just being a noble sacrifice the military offers college opportunities. Recruiters were often quick to mention the variety of educational opportunities offered by the military.

“Don’t count out the military,” Quillen said. “I think a lot of people do that because a lot of people have college plans; look at it like another opportunity to go to college”