Senior StuCo girls start Big/Little program

Kyerra Snyder and Dylan Wittorff

Laney Turner
BIg/Little was started by the girls on the senior StuCo board. The Big/Little football game will be Sept. 13.

Freshmen students face an uphill battle when trying to adjust to high school life. With such a jarring transition freshmen are left with a bunch of questions. Lucky for them, there is a new program at Maize  to answer their questions: Big/Little.

Big/Little is a group that pairs one senior and a freshman up to guide them through their first year in high school. 

Seniors Abby McCoy, Avery Shunatona and Makenzie Owings started the group.

“I created Big/Little because all the freshmen are always so concerned,” Shunatona said. 

The club gives the freshmen an opportunity to branch out and do things they most likely wouldn’t do without their big.

“So far we have planned a football game,” Owings said. “On honor flight night, so the first football game, will also be Big Little night. We haven’t planned any of the other events but we were going to plan coffee house dates, dates we can all get together like movies or something and we’re also going to have multiple En-Cor meetings.”

Freshman Veronica Rozner said she was nervous to come to high school because she is new from Maize South but her friend showed her this group.

“I am excited about making new friends that I wouldn’t have made without the group,” Rozner said.