One Step at a Time


Richard Bach Do your homework.
Kynzi Barragan If you are already late to class, might as well stop and get some breakfast.
Emma Bise Don’t procrastinate. I promise you’re not going to wake up early and do it in the morning and you’re not going to finish it in encore either.
Cassidy Blew Don’t stop hanging with your parents, they will always be your biggest supporters and best friends.
Isabella Bowdre listen to the cliche stuff teachers tell you. remember that a bad day is only one day in your life, not everyday. be grateful and actively participate in things and be open to new experiences.
Arissa Brown Don’t be afraid to get involved! Trying to maintain extracurriculars, school, and a social life may seem daunting, but I PROMISE you can make it work. Do what’s best for you, and stay positive when you can.
Alex Broyles Don’t be afraid to talk to the counselors if your schedule for a semester will be brutal, if you can spread out your classes so you don’t end up taking 3-4 honors or even AP classes in a single semester, try, I know a few people who are way too stressed out cramming all that work each and every day.
Autumn Brummer If you feel pressure and you feel like you should quit, don’t you will regret it.
Ashlyn Bugbee Do not procrastinate and don’t worry about what people think of you because chances are nobody cares.
Taylor Bugbee Take college courses.
Janna Busker stop caring about what others think, be you!
Aidan Campbell Don’t do crack.
Hunter Clark Stay focused on school, don’t get caught up with women.
Carolina Coutinho study now.
Keira Dobbs Don’t overextend yourself. Prioritize sleep and your mental health while challenging yourself academically.
Piercen Dooling it is cliche but it really goes by fast, don’t get to hung up on the friends you had or the girlfriend you had. things change quickly sometimes you have to adjust and make new friends and try new things.
Nicole Dowell Regular sleep is very important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle!
Isabelle Edwards Don’t be afraid to take a break every once in awhile. Life doesn’t always have to be go-go-go.
Carson Elman Be involved! Go to every high school sport event that you can because student sections make the best memories!
Ryley Elsea just be nice; to each other and to staff, you never know what’s going on in someone else’s life.
Catherine Erickson take a no-block senior year and take all the college credit classes you can! Also, freshman/sophomore classes are easy and will help keep your GPA up so try to get good grades.
Makena Frazier My advice to the underclassmen would be to try the things that scare you, and push yourself as hard as you can.
Alex Fugarino Go out and just have fun, this is the only time in your life where you can mess around. Also don’t date anyone. Boys and women are nothing but trouble and waste you money faster than you can make it.
Joel Gaddie Don’t procrastinate your college decisions until your senior year like you procrastinate your papers.
Bailey Griffin Take a lot of math classes and don’t care about what other people think.
Teagen Guerrero Get all your required class out of the way and have fun your senior year!
Vonda Hale Sparknotes are far better than Shmoop.
Amber Harris It’s ok to take mental breaks. Health is always top priority!
Isaac James Be yourself and your true friends will follow.
Kendyl Johnson Go to everything you can, because it’ll fly by.
Stephen Jordan One of us must die.
Konrad Kahnert Sign up for AP classes so you get that college money bread.
Felix Kopycinski Stay away from women.
Kat Krantz run. get out while you still can.
Devin Ladehoff Work hard now to put yourself in a better spot in the future.
Allison Linton Join as many clubs as possible and go to school events! Stay involved and don’t be afraid to be yourself.
marissa llamas to always be yourself do not do things to please others.
Tamara Lopez Try your best all 4 years a bad grade can catch up on you.
Elyse Magnuson Always be nice to others and it will lead to good friendships and less stress.
Bailey McDonald Go to as many school activities that you can! High school flies by and you won’t realize it till it’s too late, and those memories are the ones you will cherish when the end comes.
Emily McGinnis Enjoy every moment you get because it goes by so freaking fast!
Jonathan Mercer Don’t be afraid to show who you truly are. My biggest regret is not being myself from day one and not showing who I cared about that I did.
Heaven Monzingo Don’t sweat your grades too much, you need to put your own mental, physical, and emotional health first.
Emily Moore To do your best and to not let drama get in your way of graduating, but also have a little fun here and there.
Marisa Moore Don’t think you’re too cool to participate. Your high school experience is better when you aren’t too afraid to look stupid/embarrass yourself.
Tori Moss Be nice to everyone!
Jared Murphy Enjoy high school while it lasts. It flies by in a blink so don’t take it for granted.
Maddie Neigenfind Get all of your hard, necessary classes out of the way way before hand. Buckle down and work as hard as you can when you get here so you can enjoy your senior year when it comes. It will come quick so don’t take any of it for granted. Go to every game, every play, every concert. Do it. You won’t regret it. Oh, and take lots and lots of pictures and videos. No matter how bad you think you look.
Eli Owings Enjoy the moment.
Katelyn Parks The drama doesn’t matter. The lost friendships and relationships don’t matter. YOU and your mental health matter the most over everything else.
Krista Phillips Walk on the right side of the hallway like you are supposed to if you dont wanna get yelled at.
Allyson Prebble If your going to be late might as well be really late and go get food.
Shalee Prichard Really look at all the classes offered here at Maize High and choose wisely because you’ll run out of time and room to take the classes you want.
Jacob Quiggle Have fun, don’t worry about what people think and just do you.
Ryann Redinger My biggest piece of advice to underclassmen is to be kind to everyone. You never know what people are going through in their lives. A smile in the hallway may just brighten someone’s day even though it’s just a small gesture.
Nicholas Reiswig Stay away from women.
Laney Rogers Don’t be dumb or disrespectful to upperclassmen because we have been here longer and don’t crowd in the middle of halls.
Hailey Ross I know this is cheesy but give respect to get respect.
Jacob Schonhoff Be nice to people and work hard. Those two things will get you far in life.
Mary Sevart Get involved and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Getting outside of your comfort zone is the best way to grow as an individual.
Brandon Sisco Keep close friends but keep your parents closer.
Morgan Thomas Go to games, go to dances, support the arts, get involved. You only get to live the experience once so you might as well go all the way.
Madelyn Turner School is important but so is mental health!
Nicole Vick Try to figure out your career pathway as early as possible, so that you can plan to take the harder classes in high school opposed to taking them all in college.
Brittany Vogel Don’t procrastinate and sleep when you have the chance.
Logan Voran Get involved, be yourself.
Jarodd Weber Do as much as you can and get involved.
Madelyn Wedman Take fun classes and try things cause you never know what will peak your interests.
Charly Woods Do the work that teachers give you. If they give you something to do, it means that it has a purpose. Don’t try and outsmart the teachers either.
Abby Wray be involved. it’s no fun if you don’t play along.
Hailey Beckmann Do EVERYTHING! Get out of your comfort zone and try new things. High school is such a special time, because you don’t have as many responsibilities. Just be a kid! Make new friends, join clubs, and do things that benefit YOU. And most of all, don’t compare yourself to others, just do you.
Bailey Birkholz My advice for underclassmen is to never give up on yourself and find your true friends. High school is such a stressful and intense part of your life and it’s super important to stay happy and positive through it. Try to find people who share the same morals and goals as you and just stick with them. High school will seem so much easier and bearable with the right people by your side. Get involved and just have fun.
Halie Jones Make sure you have a good high school experience.
Caitlyn Rice Don’t mess around, get stuff turned in, and if a person or group of people goes against your morals, drop them they aren’t worth it.
Remington Young Don’t get too stressed about grades just do your best, that’s all you can do.
Crosby Woods Don’t sit in the front row at sports events.
Caden Raile Just try your best, and do whatever makes you happy.
Nicholas Vasilescu Work hard now so you can have fun later.
Sadeja Horne Take learning serious because class can be so easy if you just turn your work in on time.
Karis Helm GET INVOLVED!! Getting involved helps you to create new friendships, support your school, and just makes high school even more enjoyable!
Lindsay Adams Don’t miss out on any school events like games, plays, or concerts.
Alaina Cunningham Get involved, but don’t overload yourself! High school goes by super fast and you should spend your free time with people you love doing things you enjoy.
Derek Kratzer Learn how to manage your time and don’t procrastinate.
Connor Gooding Don’t put school before friends and family.
Caleb Zinabu Stand out from the pack. It’s intimidating… but everyone is just as scared as you. Do your own thing and don’t stop.
Hannah Piros Put effort into your grades.
Cameron Grimes Don’t let senioritis take control.
Jacobb Weber Chill out don’t stress over the little things.
Nolan Palmer Get involved in as many sports or other activities as possible. It’s so much fun and worth the extra time.
Hunter Garrison Do everything you can while your in high school, it goes by fast.
Adrianna Sweat Do not do drugs or anything that will affect your school life. You will regret it, I know I do.
Dominick Smith High School is what you make it/ Have a good attitude.
Caden Bartlett Dont skip school.
paige mottin Advice i have for underclassmen is to get involved as much as you can and stay away from the drama, it’s not worth it.
Dylan Taylor It’s probably not the best idea to work 30 hours a week while in high school, but I did it anyways.
Tanner Ohnmeis Enjoy it while it lasts, use the ping pong tables before it is too late. I never got the chance too.
Rielly Bannon get involved.
Jordan Helm always work as hard as you can.
Abryelle Rizzo Take things one day at a time! If you worry about everything going on in the future you will be stressed. Take on a few things one day at a time.
Savannah Read Get out of your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to be yourself.
Caleb Grill You have the rest of your life to live as grown up. Be a kid and be smart with the choices you make.
Kennadee Utech make the most of every opportunity you can.
Max Glaze Take chances and jump on opportunities, also stay crispy
Evelyn Garcia It’s okay to be selfish sometimes. Throughout high school I learned that you have to put yourself and your needs first. Sometimes a lot of us can be stuck in toxic relationships and we don’t have the courage to get out of them because we worry that we’ll hurt other people’s feelings. Sometimes our “friends” can prohibit us from excelling and hold us back instead. I’m not saying go out and be rude to people. I’m saying do what is best for you because you don’t want to get stuck in relationships that impede on your dreams.
Keegan Johnston Be as involved as you can even, make the most of your 4 years.
austin vickery Keep your grades up.
Isabel Hadley Go to school events.
Daniel Sickler Just push though it’s hard but it gets better.
Alec Stephens Join cross country.
Devon Koehn Don’t fall behind.
Hope Reasoner My advice for underclassmen would be to enjoy everything and not take anything for granted. You can always find joy under any circumstances, and in the end you would rather remember all of the positive times and memories you had in high school rather than all the negative drama you focused on.
Blake Gronlie Focus on school.
Odessa Olien Don’t take too many hard classes at once, use your time wisely, and don’t miss out on opportunities to have a great time in high school.
Elijah Mitchell keep your head up and don’t let anyone ruin your dreams.
Kaylie Hansen Always take things for dual credit.
Tanner Cunningham join clubs.
Ashlyn Whorton That upper class boy doesn’t REALLY like you.
Ethan Sampson don’t fit in, stand out.
Jordan Claeys Get involved! The four years fly by.
Ginevra Agostini do your best.
Tiffany Nguyen Stay focused on your studies and don’t hang out with fakes.
Makenna Meyer it goes by very fast, so have fun.
Marin Garcia Don’t care about what anybody thinks, it doesn’t matter, you’ll be a happier person , probably, I don’t know.
Kara May Get involved in the things you’re interested in.
Clara Broberg Have confidence in yourself and surround yourself with positive people 🙂
Elijah Maples Get involved in as much activities as possible. Try new things.
Olivia Elmore I would say that being involved is important, but be sure to only do what makes you happy instead of giving your time to things that will “look good” on scholarships or college applications. Use high school as a way to explore your interests and actually enjoy your time instead of worrying about the future.
Lillie Williams Take classes outside of your comfort zone. High school is the perfect time to explore different areas for free. Don’t limit yourself to classes that are your strengths.
Garett Stanley Don’t get Senioritis early. Keep doing homework and studying.
Ashley Massie Get involved and get your work done.
Saylor Booth Don’t be easily manipulated by your peers. If there is something that you want to do without your peers then do it. You don’t owe your peers anything.
Cadence Ohl Have fun.
Hiep Nguyen Be yourself, don’t try to be anyone else. Changing to make yourself better for your own sake not others (in the good way).
Hannah Wilcox To get all of their hard classes out of the way.
Devlin Wolke The advice I have for the underclassmen is to get involved. Do not be the lonely person standing by the wall at a function, get in to whatever event is going on.
Brianna Allen Do what you want to do.
Breeana Smith Live in the moment.
Riley Hunter Go to all the games and participate in everything you can. Don’t be afraid to be yourself… don’t let people tear you down stay strong. Everyone will hit a wall at some point and just want to give up, don’t do it just keep pushing, it will all be worth it in the long run.