Preview: The drama department presents ‘The 39 Steps’


Rayne Rekoske, Reporter

The drama department is putting on the play “The 39 Steps”. The cast has been working since the middle of February to put on this show. The play is a British comedy satirizing an Alfred Hitchcock thriller of the same name. The play follows a British man wrapped up in a spy adventure and finds himself in the meantime.

The show will be performed April 4th through April 6th in the drama room, C13, at 7:30 p.m. all three nights. Tickets will cost $5 for students and $6 for adults, and you can purchase them at the door.

“I play Richard Hannay,” junior Brayden Worden, the lead of the show, said. “He’s like the spy that everyone wants to be when they are kids.”

Most of the small cast play multiple parts throughout the play. Junior Londen Peebler  plays three different roles during the show.

“The first character I play is Annabella, and she is a German spy,” Peebler said. “I also play a newsgirl who is obnoxious and kind of annoying and loud. Then I also play a character named Dunwoody who’s a very rickety old woman.”

Because many of them played several roles, the supporting cast had to learn different accents and voices for their characters.

“For each character, you have a different voice you have to learn,” she said. “My characters are German, and then I have to be really old, so everyone is different.”

The cast said they hope the audience will enjoy the show as much as they have through the rehearsals.

“I’m looking forward to hearing the audience laugh,” Worden said. “I think it’s a really funny play, and it will be a great moment when the audience thinks it’s funny too.”