Kansas teams compete in March Madness

Brooklyn Blasdel, Reporter

The final four is fast approaching, and Maize students have their own opinions on how the teams will end up this year.

March Madness is, well, madness. Whether it’s screaming fans in packed restaurants, huge upsets or your favorite team moving on, March is arguably the best time of the year for college basketball fans.

This year, two Kansas teams made it into the tournament: No. 4-seeded KU and No. 4-seeded K State. Jayhawk and Wildcat fans from around the school cheered on their teams at the beginning, but their joy was short-lived. Both teams lost to lower-seeded teams, K-State in the first round and KU in the second.

“The K-State loss was an actual heartbreaker,”  sophomore Wildcat fan Ellie Cannizzo said. “I was sad when I couldn’t watch it in my fourth block, and then when I saw they lost I got more sad.”

Many students and staff at Maize have filled out brackets this year, and some are very promising. Even though the chances of a perfect bracket are about 1 in 2.4 trillion, there are still hopeful students and teachers who believe this might be the year. Many students’ brackets, however, have struggled after upsets.

“KU losing ruined my whole night and my bracket,” sophomore Jayhawk fan Bailee Yocam said. “But I’m still going to watch the next games to see who wins.”

Although WSU didn’t make the NCAA tournament this year, Shockers fans aren’t out of the running. WSU won its first- and second-round games in the NIT. They will play again tonight against the Indiana Hoosiers.

And the madness is just beginning. Even though KU and K State are done, there are still plenty more teams fighting for their spots.