Grill, Ecord beat school records


Kyerra Snyder, Reporter

Seniors Caleb Grill and Kael Ecord broke school records at the first track meet of the season, Friday at heights.

Grill high jumped 6 feet, 7 inches breaking the record 6-6.75 set in 2003 . Ecord ran 6:27 in the steeplechase, beating the record of 6:31 made in 2018.

Ecord said that training for the race isn’t particularly easy.

“We don’t have an actual steeple barrier or water pit at the Maize High track to train on,” Ecord said, “but my Grandpa made me a hurdle that was the same size as the steeple, which gave me the opportunity to practice jumping off of it.”

Grill said at this point it’s not about how high you jump but rather how good your technique is.

“It was hard because getting technique down in high jump takes a long time,” Grill said, “but I still have a lot to improve on.”

Ecord said steeplechase isn’t the only record he wants to break this season. He said he wants the 1,600 record. 

“It has been 4:19 since 1966,” he said