KAY Club buys custom ping pong tables

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KAY Club buys custom ping pong tables

Rayne Rekoske and Madi Hay

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KAY Club has purchased two custom ping pong tables for the school after receiving a grant to promote physical activity.

The club applied for a grant as part of the “Be the Spark” campaign. KAY clubs throughout the state were eligible to apply for the grants. Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas and Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas City donated the money for the grants.

Maize received more than $4,000 to purchase the tables, paddles and balls. 

KAY club started the application process in January 2018. Club members learned the received the grant in May. They received the money and information from the grant during the summer.

“I was a part of the committee who figured out the financing and found the brand that would custom make our ping pong tables,” junior Lauren Fuhrman said. “We found the exact money we needed then applied for the grant.”

Possible location for the tables will be in the athletic entrance or the commons. The tables should be set up when students return after spring break, KAY sponsor Dan Loving said. 

Senior Nicole Dowell, who is the Maize KAY president, said the tables will be used for a variety of things, including tournaments.

“The ping pong tables are a way for students during their free time in a class or during En-Cor or maybe just sometime after school they can kind of release their energy or stress,” Dowell said.

Fuhrman said she hopes students will make good use of the tables. 

“‘I’m hoping that it will be really popular,” Fuhrman said. “I’m really hoping this will improve Maize High.”

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