New club focuses on Wichita’s water resource

Chasley Garcia, Reporter


Photo Credit: Climate Club
Climate Club is a new club to Maize this year. The club sponsor is science teacher Amy Hammett.
New opportunities are presenting themselves to Maize High. One of these new additions is the Maize High Climate Club.

This club travels to the Cheney Reservoir every week to regulate the water supply for Wichita. Each member has been trained by University of Missouri scientists on how to filter the water and look for how much sediment, chlorophyll, and total suspended solids reside in the water.

This club was started by some students searching to do something good for their community. They looked into many things with teacher Amy Hammett until they decided upon this project.

“Isaac Stanton came in and he told me he wanted to do something because he felt like his generation was not doing much,” Hammett said.

Stanton said his favorite part is having the opportunity as a high schooler to actually be changing the world for the better.

“It’s priceless and is helping us become better students while we’re at it,” Stanton said.

Since the start of  the club, they have entered an eco challenge through Lexus to do something good for the community. They ended out on top, winning a $10,000 prize. Hammett stated that winning this prize gives them the opportunity to enter for the grand prize of $30,000. Besides doing good for their community, the members in this club get so much more out of it. It brings new opportunities to students for their futures and their educations.

“This club unlocks a bunch of opportunities from scholarship money to being able to put lab tech on a job application,” Stanton said. “The information and opportunities we are obtaining in this club will help us for the rest of our lives.”