Sophomore starts Bible Study

Meaghann Flower, Reporter

Many students go to church on Sundays and maybe even on Wednesday too, but not very many students attend a bible study or use extra days of the week to worship. Sophomore Logan Forrest decided that she was going to change that.

Forrest has always gone to church every week and she has been steadfast about worshiping the Lord. A few months ago Forrest decided that she wanted to do something more to spread God’s word. Forrest made the decision to start a bible study with other students at Maize to do something extra to spread God’s word.

When Forrest thought of this idea she talked to some people she looks up to and asked them for help to set her on the right track. The group is called Bold Confidence and the first meeting was in early January.

When she started this bible study she decided to ask sophomore Makenna Williams to be her co-leader.

“Makenna has always been steadfast with her faith and I have always been able to lean on her when I need it, so I decided that she would be the perfect person to help me spread God’s word,” Forrest said.

Williams thought that starting a bible study would be a great way to get more teenagers to open up their bibles more.

“I help Logan by helping her prepare for our meetings,” Williams said. “I help her decide what we are going to go over at the meeting and set everything up.” 

Sophomore Katie Moran is a member of bible study and she loves going to meetings.

“I enjoy learning about the Lord with my friends and doing more than I used to for the Lord,” Moran said.

She decided to join bible study because she wanted to strengthen her relationship with God and learn more about him. The group inspires her to open up her bible, get off social media, and worship God.

“I think Logan is a great leader,” Moran said. “She is really good at keeping us on track and not getting too distracted even though we are all good friends. She also inspires me to be a better Christian.” 

Forrest uses a book to help guide her in what she wants to teach. It is Sadie Robertsons Bold Confidence book. The group meets every Wednesday at 5 p.m.

They eat dinner, worship, learn, then they usually spend some time bonding.

Forrest said she is very proud of the bible study so far and she can’t wait to see where it goes.