Review: The Canteen

Piper Pinnetti, Reporter

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Piper Pinnetti
Sophomore Piper Pinnetti reviews The Canteen located in the Regal Theatre.

Upon entering The Canteen, I was greeted by the cashier almost immediately and given a menu. The menu consists of malts, milkshakes, soups and burgers. There are also chicken fingers in the Just for Kids section children to munch on.

During the short wait for my order, I had a chance to see the 50s and 60s theme. There were hairpin parlor chairs, red stools and black and white tiled floors.Marilyn Monroe, Katherine Hepburn and Ingrid Thulin made appearances on the walls. The old music from the glowing jukebox tied together the old school atmosphere.

I ordered a chicken noodle soup and a Southern Pecan ice cream. The food was quickly served with no issues in the order.

The Chicken soup was handed warm with some salty crackers on the side and is perfect for a cold winter day.

So far, the food was good, servers were kind and everyone was enjoying their time.

Their ice cream was served with whipped cream perfectly swirled with a cherry on top. When I tasted the Southern Pecan, my expectations exceeded. Hot fudge is mixed throughout the vanilla ice cream creating a both hot and cold chewy spoonful of ice cream. Caramel is drizzled on top of the pecans that give each bite a crunch.

Not only is The Canteen a perfect place for teens to hangout together as friends or as a casual date, but it is the perfect place for families to spend time with each other. By the end of my meal I was already thinking of the next visit.  

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