Maize Education Foundation to offer student grant workshop

Chantelle Hoekstra, Reporter

Photo credit: Maize Education Foundation
The Maize Education Foundation will host a workshop on February 21. The workshop is free of charge.

‘The Maize Education Foundation will be hosting a workshop at Maize Middle School on February 21 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. The workshop will be free of charge with staff and teachers to coach students and to aid them in applying for grants and scholarships.

The Education Foundation sent an email to all students in the Maize district area, with links to further information and an application form.

“It is our hope that we can help answer questions and provide guidance in ways that support our students and help them refine their submissions and make them more competitive,” the email said.

Anyone is allowed to attend as long as they are planning to apply for some form of financial aid in the spring. These applications do not have to be only Foundation grants and scholarships. Any applicant can apply for this workshop event.

Students are advised to bring the application(s) that they are wanting to get help and coaching for.

“The application should be mostly or fully completed prior to the workshop, and students should arrive with specific questions regarding their applications,” the Foundation said.

They also highly recommend that students bring paper and a pen or pencil for notes, as coaches may suggest that they add changes to the forms. Parent participation is also highly encouraged.

“We welcome parent attendance and participation as we believe parent involvement is often key in teaching our students,” the Foundation said.

Travis Bloom, executive director at the Education Foundation, believes the workshop will be beneficial to students.

“We are hoping that our coaches can help [students] refine their answers and think of things they haven’t thought of before,” Bloom said. “We want to teach students how to be passionate in their answers and how to understand the questions they are answering.

Bloom went on to explain how the workshop would function for applicants.

Students should first register on our website and let us know what they want to work on,” Bloom said. “Once they are there, they should check in, and we will have staff members to least them to where they want to go.”

Click the link to sign-up for the workshop: