Boys basketball defeats Campus

Ellie Stucky, Sports Editor

Last night, the Eagles defeated the Campus Colts with a final score of 61-48.

The boys are still undefeated and have the mentality to keep it that way. By the end of the first half, the Colts were following close behind with a score of 29-21, but the Eagles managed to wake up a bit more for the beginning of the second quarter and take their win.

Senior Caleb Grill understood that their defense went well throughout the game and eventually lead them to a win.

“Our biggest strength last night was our defense,” Grill said “I thought we did a good job playing off ball defense and helping in the driving lines.”

Senior Brandle Easter Jr. also knew they did well on their defense but said that the team needed to take their time and relax just a little more than they did.

“As a team we were in a hurry to score,” Easter said. “We needed to be patient.”

Both Grill and Easter had the same mentality heading into the game. The mentality was to win and to leave everything they had on the court.

“Our mentality going into the game was to beat the other team down,” Grill said. “We wanted to bang with them and break them down.”

For their upcoming games and winter break, the team is planning on improving as much as they can offensively and keeping their heads in the game.

“Just working on offense,” Grill said. “And getting in the gym to get more consistent on shooting.”