Maize wrestling defeats Campus

Janeth Saenz, Reporter

Campus defeated the Eagles last year, but Maize came back this year for the win. The Eagles defeated Campus 45-21 on Thursday at home.

Junior Devin Gomez won against Corbin Williams by a pin.

“Tonight I did what I had to do and went out,” Gomez said. “I did some pretty cool moves and I got the pin so that’s what was important for the team. I did a high crotch and I lifted him up and then I did my favorite move ‘the fireman’s carrier.’ I made my mom smile and my dad gave me a pretty good handshake.”

Gomez said he has one goal for this season: he wants to win state.

“I lost last year state finals, and it happens, but I’ve definitely gotten over it,” he said. “This season I wanna go undefeated and win a state championship.”

Gomez says his strength is being a hard worker and that he strives to go very far in the sport.

“I’m the hardest worker that I know and that’s why I’ve gotten to where I’m at,” Gomez said. “I want to go very far with the sport.”

Gomez said he plans to pursue wrestling in college and hopes to coach one day. 

Sophomore Kyle Haas got a 10 second pin on Dustin Diaz.

“I think I did good,” Haas said. “I just ducked under and dumped him to his back.”

Haas says that practice has paid off and having a love for the sport is a strength.

“Oh absolutely, it [practice] has paid off one hundred percent,” he said. “I like to wrestle so like I go to practice and actually have fun in practice.”

Haas said the goal for himself and the team is to win state and keeping the team on track is important in order to win.

“To win state of course, that’s my main goal, and for our team to win state,” he said. “Just trying to keep our team on track, which is never a problem because their always on track.”