Wrestling prepares for home dual and Oklahoma tournament


Madi Hay

Junior Devin Gomez at practice. He is in his first year at Maize and has gone 6-0.

Kyerra Snyder, Reporter

Madi Hay
Junior Devin Gomez at practice before the season started. He is in his first year at Maize and has gone 6-0.

The Maize wrestling team has two big events coming up: A dual at Maize tonight at 6 p.m. and a tournament this weekend in Oklahoma.

Today will be their first dual at home and Devin Gomez [a transfer from Valley] said he is pretty excited.

¨I have been excited to go out in the gym for the first time since I have transferred,¨ Gomez said. ¨I am excited to go out and show everyone what I can do.¨

Kyle Haas also said he is really excited to dual at home tonight.

¨I can not wait especially because they are the only team that beat us last year in our league,¨ Haas said.

The Eagles have high expectations this year after placing third last year at state.

¨Our team has been performing very well, we have little things here and there but overall we are doing better,¨ Haas said.

Gomez is determined to win no matter what the match or who he is competing against.

¨You have to go out there and treat every person and every match like they are the same,¨ Gomez said.

Gomez said it’s important for the team to match different teams like Oklahoma.

¨The exposure that you get, it prepares you for future matches down the road,¨ Gomez said.

Haas also thinks it is important to wrestle in Oklahoma, but for another reason.

¨It kinda gets our team name out their,¨ Haas said.

Although they think they are a good team, and have high expectations for this year they still have things they need to work on.

¨We have been doing what we need to but we need to not be so uptight.¨ Gomez said.