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Sam Bartlett

Senior Devlin Wolke plays soccer for the first time this soccer season.

Madi Hay, Reporter

Most people start playing sports at a young age and train throughout the years to make their high school team.

This season, several seniors joined the soccer team without any prior experience playing competitively.
Senior Devlin Wolke has played basketball, baseball, football and track throughout his life and has now decided to add the new sport to his list. He said one of the challenges he has experienced so far in his soccer career has been learning the positions compared to the sports that he has played before.
“In soccer, you have to run a lot more than basketball, and there are a lot more people on the field, which makes it harder,” he said.
Wolke said he is playing defensive wing and is hoping to achieve a state championship for his first year with his team or his “brothers.”
“I want a state championship because I want my brothers to get a state ring,” Wolke said. “And, of course, the feeling of accomplishing your goal from day one.”
Wolke’s decision to join the soccer team was influenced by some of his friends who thought he would be a good addition.
“My friends were pushing me because of my speed and physicality that I could bring to the sport,” Wolke said. “Hunter Clark and Nick Reiswig were the main ones pushing me to come out along with other close friends.”
Nick Vasilescu is another senior who hasn’t played soccer before. He has played basketball and tennis, and gone out for swim in the past, but said he was looking for more options.
Vasilescu said he and Felix Kopycinski, Vasilescu’s best friend since sixth grade, wanted to try something new their senior year, so they decided to go out for the soccer team together.
“Although I’ve never played before, it’s just a lot of fun because my buddy Felix and I have been friends forever, and it’s our last year so we wanted to try it”, Vasilescu said.
Coach Jay Holmes said that he likes how the boys come out and try their hardest and keep improving.
“I am pleased the guys came out to learn the game and compete this season,” Holmes said. “They are learning and improving as the season moves forward.”
Vasilescu said his season may be cut short due to an injury that occurred during practice.
“I was practicing and I tried saving a shot and I ended up saving it with only the tip of my finger and it bent back and broke the tendon and the bone,” said Vasilescu.
Although Vasilescu said he enjoys the sport, he does not see himself playing in the future.
“Maybe when I’m 40 years old and have nothing else to do, I’ll play goalie again,” Vasilescu said.