Maize students place in top five at state fair

Morgan Thomas, Reporter

Seniors Brealand Booth(left) and Jasmine Choate(right) hold up their awards.

Over the State Fair weekend, Senior Braeland Booth and Jasmin Choate entered a contest at the state fair for Agriculture and Dairy Industry. Booth placed third place in showmanship and Choate placed in fifth.

Booth and Choate had never entered the contest before, but with a little support from their boss, Bob Seiler, they decided to enter the competition for the first time.

“One day my boss just came up to me asked if I was interested in showing a heifer [female cow] at the state fair,” said Booth. “I thought that would be an amazing experience. It was a blessing be able to get that opportunity.”

The competition included judging a cow off of how it looks, it’s characteristics for producing dairy and farming ability. The heifer can be judged at any age and will be determined if it is a good cow for farming.

Entering the contest was intimidating for Booth, but she didn’t let the nerves get to her.

“You know these kids have been doing this since they were four or five years old,” said Booth. “For me competitive softball is my life … so it was like I was going into their world not having any experience at all.”

Booth was excited to learn that she placed in the top three out of 12 people in showmanship

“Those kids have been doing it 10-12 years and doing it my first year I placed third,” said Booth. “It’s an honor because I understand how much commitment they put into that.”