Maize volleyball goes 4-1 at Washburn Rural

McKenna Smiley, Reporter

Lauryn Ogden
Freshman Mallory Koehn prepares to hit the ball. The girls went 4-1 at the tournament on Saturday.

Maize volleyball played a tournament at Washburn Rural on Saturday.

The team won 4 and lost 1 game.

“It went well, we played really well as a team,” senior Julianna Ledbetter said.

The team played Blue Valley and Blue Valley Northwest.

“The Kansas City teams were our biggest competition; they have really good players,” Ledbetter said.

Maize beat Blue Valley and went threesets but ended up losing to Blue Valley Northwest by 2.

“The game against Blue Valley was the biggest upset of the tournament,” Ledbetter said. “They are a big Kansas City team, and we are just from Maize, so they don’t expect us to do anything.”

Maize is now 21-6 .